FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Which articles can I choose, if I want print on them?

The collection on the shop contains more than 6000 products within our primary categories: promotional items, gifts and corporate clothing.

Common to all the products are that you have the opportunity to print your company logo, your message, your web address or perhaps a picture to the products. There's a lot of opportunities. The print options depend on the individual product. Some products are best for print in few colors, some are best for laser engraving, while others can be printed in full-color with digital printing.

Choose the product that you prefer. On the product page, the webshop will suggest different printing methods, which will fit the product you have chosen.

To make it short: Select the product you want - we can print your logo on all of them.


How many colors are used for my logo?

A logo often consists of several colors. The price of your promotional item depends on, among other things, of the number of colors in your logo. Therefore the webshop will ask you to define the number of colors that will be used to print your logo. 

There are many different printing techniques, but many of our products are printed in PANTONE-colors with the Silk Screen printing method. This means that colors are applied individually. See the illustration to the right of the Langhoff Promotion logo, which consists of 2 colors.


How do I choose print placement and printing method?

The individual products are encoded with the relevant printing methods and printing locations. Therefore, you can only choose printing methods and printing positions that suits your desired product. It could, for example, be laser engraving in extension of the clip on a metal ballpen.

Sometimes it may be difficult to evaluate which printing method or position that is the most optimal for your logo. Here, of course, we are happy to help you with advice and guidance so that you get the best result possible.

We always send you a proofsheet for approval before going into production. On the proofsheet you will be able to see a visual of the product with your logo added on the preferred position and with the number of colors that you have chosen. 


Will I be able to see the product with my logo on?

Yes! We will always send a proof for approval before we initiate the final production.

The proofsheet is a digital visualization of how the print will look on the final product. In the proof you approve logo, size, placement and colors.

The proofsheet is your assurance that the product will be as you wish.

So with a calm mind, feel free to place your order through the webshop, and afterwards you will be contacted about your desired print / logo by our team. The logo is then reviewed by our graphic department, which also produces your proofsheet.


Which type of files are useful for print?

Which file type we need depends on your logo and the print methods of the selected product. As a standard rule, vector artwork can always be used. Vector graphics are available as .ai, .eps, .pdf and .cdr files.

Do you only have your logo as .tiff, .jpg, .png, or .psd? Maybe it can be used. It depends on the resolution of the file and the printing method on the product. Contact us for instructions on printing methods and your logo.

Do you only have your logo as a low-resolution image?
It is not everyone who has a good print-ready artwork file. It doesn't matter. We can easily help anyway. Our graphics department can, for a small amount, redraw your logo, which makes it a perfect print file that looks great in production.

Contact us for assistance with your logo.


I'm in doubt about my logo - can you help?

Yes! Our graphic department will check if your logo can be used for print. Send us your logo, as well as the product you wish the logo to be printed on. Then we'll check the quality of your artwork and suggest a printing method that fits on the desired product.

If your logo can not be used, our graphics department can, for a small amount, redraw your logo, which makes it a perfect print file that looks great in production.

Contact us for guidance about your logo.


Can I get a sample before I make a decision?

Yes! You are very welcome to request a sample.

This can be done via email: info@langhoffshop.dk or by calling us at +45 39 40 12 55.

In addition to the unit's unit price, EUR 15, is charged in freight and handling fee.

Note: Sample can not be returned.


How do I pay?

Invoicing will be electronically and received on the email address you've given us while ordering.

As a starting point, there is a prepayment unless something else is agreed.

Our sales and delivery terms can be read here.


Can I pay with credit card?

No, at this time it is not possible to pay with credit cards.

For more information on payment, see the point above.


Can I shop on the Shop.Langhoff as a private customer?

No - Langhoff Promotion A/S only deals with B2B (business to business) customers.

That means, that a VAT number is required in order to shop with us.


Can I get a specific logo color?

You may have heard of one of the above color definitions. But what color definition should you give us if we have to hit a specific color? It depends on the printing method being used. As a standard rule, we usually ask for PANTONE or PMS colors (they're the same).

PANTONE is an international system where all the colors have their own number. The colors have the same definitions all over the world and are one of the best systems to hit the right color.

CMYK print is being used more and more. The primary reason behind that is that digital printing has become more advanced and many products can be printed with digital print today.

CMYK print is defined by 4 colors (C = Cyan, M = Meganta, Y = Yellow, K = Black). The four colors can be mixed crosswise, giving a lot of colors.


Vector and bitmap graphic - what is the difference?

We work with two different types of graphics: Vector and bitmap graphics (pixels):

Vector graphic - file types like AI, EPS, CDR og PDF
Vector graphics consists of a number of mathematical points that can form line and arcs. Most orders at Langhoff Promotion are produced with vector graphic material.

Vector has a number of advantages. Vector can be scaled up and down without reducing the quality of artwork. At the same time, it is far easier to control seperate colors, such as PANTONE colors in vector graphics, as objects and shapes can be separated.

Bitmap/pixel/raster graphic - file types like JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF etc.
Bitmap images consist of a lot of pixels (small squares), with a particular color value, typically expressed in CMYK or RGB (screen colors).

The disadvantage of bitmap graphics is that the quality of an artwork is determined by the number of pixels the artwork is born with. Opposite vector graphics, bitmap graphics can't be scaled up and down without the quality being deteriorated. See the example to the right, which illustrates the difference between vector and bitmap graphics. By scaling up pixel graphics, quality and small pixels become visible.

Does that mean that I always need vector graphics and never pixel graphics?
No. A standard rule is that we always will be able to use vector graphics. If we should use bitmap graphic, it all depends on the printing method. By using e.g. silk screen or digital printing, the pixel graphic can easily be used if the quality is good enough.

By use of pixel graphic we'll always ask you to send your artwork in a quality of minimum 300 ppi in resolution 1:1.


Fonts - outline fonts

If you send us artwork that contains text, we always ask you to outline the fonts. We do this to ensure that the font /text remains the same throughout the entire production flow.

As long as a text appears as an editable text in your document, the text is depending on whether or not the chosen font is installed on the computer / printer that should open the file. The problem occurs when a computer / printer in the production flow does not have the font installed. In that case, the original font will be replaced by random font available on the given device.

This problem can easily be solved by outlining the font (convert it to curves and arcs). That means that the editable text will be converted from text to vector graphic with curves and arcs (see illustration). The converted graphic is no longer depending on if the font is installed, since it's no longer text, but independent graphic - throughout the production flow.

If you are in doubt about how to outline text, here's a small YouTube video with a tutorial for outlines in Illustrator “How to Create Outlines in Adobe Illustrator” 

As an alternative to outline fonts, you can just send your font to us, and we will provide the graphic quality control including outlining your fonts.



Unfortunately, it's impossible to secure yourself 100% against mistakes - but when they do appear, we'll handle the claims professionally.

Langhoff Promotion delivers thousands of corporate gifts and promotional items with logo every year, and we rarely experience claims. Should you receive an incorrect or damaged item, please send us an e-mail within 8 days from the date of delivery. Then you will be contacted by our customer service so that we can find the best solution to solve the claim.

Please note that return goods are only accepted by prior arrangement.